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Join the PayPugs Introducer Programme

Blog post by Mariam Abeslamidze, Business Development Officer at PayPugs

PayPugs is an easy-to-use, global financial, one-stop payment solution that places customers at the centre of everything we do. Now businesses and individuals can manage and make all their payments instantly, regardless of location and currency, via the PayPugs single-access, highly intuitive platform.

PayPugs is a champion of individuals and businesses frustrated by the inadequacies of the current payment solutions available to them. 

At PayPugs, we understand the needs of our members intimately and build relationships with them through our personal customer experience. 

Each customer is assigned a personal manager to go through every aspect of the onboarding process, supporting them every step of the way and helping them on a case-by-case basis look for and implement various solutions. 

Sounds amazing, right? So what other programmes do you have for PayPugs customers?

With such a great financial solution word is bound to spread and the PayPugs Introducer programme is a way of rewarding our loyal and enthusiastic members helping to promote our online banking solution.

What are the benefits of becoming an Introducer?

  1. Two-tier referral commission…

As an Introducer, for every corporate or individual potential client you refer that successfully registers with PayPugs, you’ll receive 20% of their onboarding fee as commission. 

On top of that, should someone you’ve referred decide to become an Introducer as well, you’ll receive an additional 5% commission fee for every person they successfully refer! Bit confusing? We explain it all here.

  1. Instant delivery of your commission…

Your payment is credited to your PayPugs account after your referral pays.

  1. Easy withdrawal of your commission…

You can withdraw your commission from your PayPugs account at any time.

  1. Total transparency…

No hidden fees and no hidden faces. You can head to our LinkedIn to see our team of professionals and say ‘hello’.

What do you have to do to be an Introducer?

Quite simply that: if you introduce or refer people to PayPugs, you are an introducer. You’ll be assigned a manager who’ll provide you with everything you need and help you with all processes. 

Apart from presenting PayPugs to potential customers there isn’t much for you to do, because all the heavy lifting (paperwork, documentation, client onboarding), is done by PayPugs. 

Also, you get a PayPugs payment account into which your commission is paid, free of charge! 

How to become a PayPugs Introducer?

Becoming an Introducer is a pretty flexible and easy process; basically, you just complete our contact form on our website and will then be assigned a personal manager — or if you’re already a customer, reach out to your personal account manager. They will then help with the documentation and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) check.

What is the onboarding process for this? 

The onboarding process consists of the signing of a NDA, after which we’ll share internal files upon request and send the preliminary check form. After you complete the pre-check form it’s sent to our onboarding team to review. 

If there’s something wrong the team will reach out to you and let you know what is missing and what needs to be improved. Once the pre-check is successful, the next phase is the AML check. We’ll send you a list of documents needed for a full AML check which is free of charge. 

So, what are you waiting for!

If you are interested in becoming a PayPugs Introducer then get in touch today, and if you’re new to PayPugs, why not consider sticking around for the long haul?

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