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PayPugs for Digital Savvy Customers

A recent McKinsey report showed that uptake of digital banking is at an all time high, with over 75% of customers under the age of 50 using digital banking channels. This has only been amplified over the last year, as COVID has acted as a catalyst in the drive towards electronic banking. 

If you have ever used any sort of online banking service (or any online service for that matter), you’ll know how important excellent customer service and experience is. 

And while a secure, global banking solution is an extremely important part of the puzzle, you also need to be sure that your online bank is going to put your needs at the core of their business. In short, your bank needs to show you that they care. 

At PayPugs, we value customer service, and a personalised banking experience is at the heart of everything we do.

In this blog we’ll look a little further into why customer service at the core of digital banking is so important, and what we do differently at PayPugs.

Why is customer service at the core of digital banking?

So, why is customer service so important for digital savvy customers who opt to use digital banking?

As mentioned, with online banking (and any other online service), you can’t just walk in and speak to someone. Therefore you need to feel confident that your bank has the ability and the commitment to offer quick and efficient customer service as and when necessary. 

However, a customer centric digital bank is about more than just great customer service. 

Putting customer service at the forefront of your digital bank means that you need to focus on customer experience, and this includes prioritising a cutting edge technical approach. 

So, let’s look at what this means in practice at PayPugs.

PayPugs High Tech & High Touch Personalised Banking…

At PayPugs our worldwide banking solution is developed around efficiency and ease of use. This includes a number of high-tech approaches such as:

  • One-stop, fully-licensed and secure banking solution 
  • A global banking solution
  • Banking solutions for medium and high risk industries

These features ensure that first and foremost, the banking service is exceptional, and offers a one-stop, efficient, global banking solution. 

In addition,when it comes to customer service, at PayPugs we go one step further than many traditional banks, to offer a personalised customer experience. 

When you sign up to PayPugs you will work directly with an account manager that will create a customized package based on your business or personal requirements. And after your initial onboarding, that account manager remains your personal contact with PayPugs , available whenever you need them. 

This ensures that our customers have both the high-tech approach promised by a digital bank, and  the high-touch, personalised service even better than that offered by traditional banking services. 

In addition to all this, we offer a PayPugs referral service. If you want to become part of our introducer programme you can gain a 20% commission fee for each new member that you introduce. 

Not only does this allow us to grow the PayPugs community, but it also allows us to ensure that those who are impressed with our customer centric approach can introduce their friends and colleagues. 

The merging of the high-tech and high-touch approach sets PayPugs apart from many other online and traditional banking solutions, and allows us to put our customers at the core of the bank. 

So, are you ready to join a bank that puts you at the core?

At PayPugs, we like to think of ourselves as your financial partner, not just your bank. Which is why we offer a high-tech and high-touch, personalised banking solution that puts you and your needs at the core of our digital banking. 

We know that in 2021 and beyond, customer service and human connection are going to me more important than ever – alongside an excellent high-tech, global banking solution. 

So, if you think that you are ready to take the next step and join our community, then get a book call with one of our PayPug account managers. 

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