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3 Strategies to Virtually Connect with Clients

3 Strategies to Virtually Connect with Clients

Many companies have shifted to operate completely online since the pandemic started. Most of those companies were already in the process and the pandemic gave them a pushing start. 

The one question that these businesses (especially those who weren’t ready) had was how they would form bonds with their clients through virtual platforms. Before the shift, forming bonds seemed to be an easy task, like a chat over a cup of coffee. 

Now businesses need to be creative when trying to connect with their clients. Here are three easy and cost-effective ways to form connections: 

1. Tell a story 

Everyone is intrigued by a story, whether it is a true story or fiction. Use the art of storytelling to engage the clients, whether it is on the website or social media. 

The story that the business tells, should be a golden thread across all communication channels. The story should be showcased on their website, but also used when creating blogs, social media posts, and even newsletters. It creates the feeling that the client really knows the business and that they can form a personal connection with the business. 

The story should entail where the business came from – the founders, how and where it started. It should also include information about the team and the role of each member. Another important aspect that the story should have is how the business has grown since it started and where it is now. 

Most importantly, the story should show how the business can help the client to improve their lives and offer them the best services and products. What is also worth considering is listening to the stories of the clients. Incorporate their experiences into the story telling and make them form part of the business. 

Remember, it is the client journey that is important and without clients, businesses cannot survive. Make the clients part of the narrative and see how quickly bonds and connections grow. 

2. Host online events

Making use of online events can help grow the connection that the business makes with the client. The best part of online events is that they are usually free of charge—to host and to attend. 

When hosting events, like virtual get together’s or information sessions, it is important to keep the client in mind. They want to know what the business is all about and also be part of the success (because they are). 

Make sure that the event speaks to the interest of the client. For example, find out if they have any queries about the products or services and have a Q&A session where all questions are answered. This will make them feel valued and part of the narrative. 

After an event has been hosted, it is always a good idea to send a small corporate gift. Nowadays it is more difficult due to the pandemic and the shift to being online. Therefore, virtual gifts will always make a client happy. 

Here are some gift ideas for the next virtual event: 

  • Gift cards: many platforms now allow for virtual gift cards, make use of these and send a small amount to each of the attendees. 
  • Video shout-out: this can make clients feel special and valued.  
  • Discount codes: give discount codes to the attendees to apply to their next purchase. 
    • Free online course: offer them access to a free online course that is in line with the ideas and values of the business.  
    • Free e-book: e-books are always a good way to intrigue a person.  
  • Quizzes: these are a fun way for clients to engage with content created by the business. 
  • Customised greeting card: this will say “thank you, we value your support” and make them feel special. 

3. Ask for feedback 

Asking for feedback is a great way to get clients engaged. It allows them the opportunity to give their opinion on products and services that they have made use of. 

They should be allowed to give positive and negative feedback to allow the business to grow. It is also important that the business engage with this feedback. 

There are several ways to allow clients to give their feedback. Firstly, Google reviews are the most popular platform for leaving reviews. Clients can also make use of the social media pages to leave their suggestions. Or, the business can have a dedicated area on their website where reviews can be posted and viewed by others. 

If feedback is widely seen and accepted, it will allow the client to see that the business is open to suggestions and that they welcome feedback. It can create stronger bonds and connections between the business and the client. 

The only thing that the business has to do is to take that feedback seriously. If a client complains of slow service, there should be a visible move towards improvement to show the client that their feedback is valued. It will create stronger and lasting relationships with the client. 

It is important to always have good relationships with clients. It creates a bond that is strong and helps create a strong client base. Implementing these three strategies can help improve the connection with clients, in a virtual and cost-effective way. 

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