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PayPugs: The Future of Banking

The most innovative and resilient businesses and sectors have seen it coming for a long time.  You probably have seen it coming for a long time.  The world has been evolving at a rapid rate and trends in the marketplace have accelerated the drive to change.  Change in how we do business,  Change in how we look at business.  This is not your grandfather’s economy.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated this movement,  setting off a chain reaction globally of people needing to take money matters strictly online. Blockchain, far from being a solution in search of a problem as it so often was dismissively considered, is extremely effective in facilitating  business-to-business payment, secure in its core principles, and adds the benefit of cost-effective and lightning speed money transactions to businesses and individuals. 

The world is moving to new ways of doing business: partnership, collaboration, working together rather than staking out territory or reinventing the wheel to solve problems and create new innovations in the digital landscape.

PayPugs has had an eye on this future for some time, seeking infrastructure solutions on a global scale to serve fintech companies. The opportunity for businesses and governments to transact across the world in a secure environment, making money matters the least of their problems, has been a game-changer.

Our vision is the creation of a business community of earned trust all over the world by removing uncertainty and barriers to doing business, PayPugs endeavours to take financial matters to a new level of doing business, operating on the four pillars of Trust, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Equity.

In order to deliver on this vision, PayPugs is licensed to provide financial services in a number of ways: 

  • MSB Licenced – Money Service Business in the US licenced to send and covert FIAT currencies
  • Crypto Exceptions – compliant to perform crypto transactions under the Colorado Digital Tokens Act Exemption
  • EU Licence – SPI(EMI) licence to deliver high-quality financial services within the UK and beyond

These authorisations equip PayPugs to deliver some of the most innovative banking solutions to a global market –

  • Payment Account
  • Crypto Transactions
  • Forex Operations
  • Cards Issuing
  • IBAN Accounts
  • SWIFT Transactions

In addition, PayPugs offer another innovation, our introducer referral program. The Two-level Agent System means that you as our agent can earn up to 20% in commission from a new customer signing up.  But wait there’s more! The second step means that if you as our introducer refer another introducer to the program, you get  an additional 5% of the new recruit’s first onboarding fee commission. Paid automatically and with no fuss, PayPugs agents act as an extension of the organisation and are part of the future of banking.

PayPugs harness the power of technology where 99.9% of services are provided via API, web and mobile applications, and queries handled online, prompting a truly personal banking experience. By providing all financial solutions a company needs to operate efficiently and encouraging business without borders and limitations, regardless of politics, class and geography – PayPugs is the pioneer of inclusive and equitable banking.PayPugs = Transparency – No hidden fees, no hidden faces. Head to LinkedIn to find the all-star team of PayPugs professionals and say ‘hello’.

Join the collaboration platform designed with collaborators, freelancers, start-ups, organisers, project managers and business owners in mind.


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