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PayPugs for Freelancers

The Coronavirus has accelerated change in the ways we work as freelancers, including setting off a global chain reaction of taking our business finances fully online.

PayPugs has already had an eye on this digital future for some time, seeking infrastructure solutions on a global scale to serve fintech companies. The opportunity for businesses and governments to transact across the world in a secure environment, making money matters the least of their problems, has been a game-changer.

Their vision has turned to the creation of a business community of earned trust all over the world by removing uncertainty and barriers to doing business. PayPugs wants to change financial matters for a new level of doing business, operating on the four pillars of Trust, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Equity.

As freelancers, we get tired of ‘roadblocks’ in receiving and making payments, frustrated with layers of compliance and struggle with online financial transactions that hold back our businesses — because they are built for someone else, for another way of doing business. PayPugs online solutions will put you in charge of your finances.

Those of you selling goods off-line or online across borders, employing global staff or working with international clients would benefit from a multi-currency account.  PayPugs have designed an affordable multi-currency account especially for freelancers using Forex, where you can pay and get paid rapidly all over the world, using the top networks SWIFT and SEPA. 

During these uncertain times, it is vital to have cost-effective financial solutions. With PayPugs you can choose which currency you send and receive money in — EUR, GBP, or USD. You can move freely between these currencies at any time to take advantage of the best exchange rates. We’ve all had enough of automated currency exchanges. You will have the benefits of digital currencies without exposing your business to unnecessary risks. 

We all need our business processes to be less complicated and time-consuming, so PayPugs offer prepaid cards which are managed by their platform. All you need to do is top them up and you have a fast and convenient way to make payments.

If you are working in the European Union you can simplify your payments and reduce costs with an International Bank Account Number, IBAN. By validating payment details at the point of entry your business can effectively reduce failed transactions to help cashflow.

PayPugs believe in transparency; they have simple, clear, and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and payments are totally secure. PayPugs help you to get set up with a personal call and explain everything from IBAN to SWIFT, making the process simple and fast.

You can say goodbye to checkbox legal and security checks as the PayPugs team are highly trained and certified in these requirements. As far as PayPugs are concerned, you’ll no longer be a faceless list of categories and risks, you and your business will be carefully considered by them.

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