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PayPugs: Customer Service at Our Core

Meet Jelena Spolanska, Chief Management Officer at PayPugs and find out how PayPugs works with its customers.

As a fintech company, it is key to provide exceptional customer service. Customer service is at the core of everything we do. We believe that this revolves around listening to  our customers: what they need, want, and building their trust.

We are focused on simplicity, flexibility and  user-friendly service 24/7/365 with no unnecessary waiting.  At PayPugs, we are all about people and truly getting to know our customers so we are able to create safe and usable products and deliver an ever-improving service.

How do we work as a company?

We provide financial services through partnership and collaboration with multiple licensed entities who are equally committed as we are to meeting the highest standards of verification and compliance. These entities work in different regions to reduce risk and to allow faster access to payment schemes.

Why we can offer you exceptional customer service.

Because our onboarding checks are so thorough, to ensure we comply with Anti Money Laundering Regulations, our customers are safe in the knowledge that once they are onboard their transactions will run smoothly, giving them exceptional customer service as a result.

We like to be upfront about our onboarding processes and whilst at the outset, it can be frustrating to provide all the correct documents, please be patient as your company will reap these rewards.  We will be as flexible as possible to make the onboarding process easy whilst staying compliant.

Why is being compliant so important?

Our vision is business without borders where decisions about people are based on their choices and behaviour not a category or a tick box.

A key part to us offering high level customer service is our understanding that we can open up markets for our customers through transparency and compliance. This way we also protect our company image and can continue to build trust with existing and new customers and within the industry.

How the onboarding process works.

 To provide you with a highly efficient level of customer service it helps if your documentation is readily available and up to date, so that your onboarding experience is as smooth as possible. 

Our thorough anti money laundering checks include validation through Sum & Substance and we have the backup of people too, who check the dates of the documents and that they are in English.

So, if for example if a document isn’t in date or you have a virtual address, we can ask you for an alternative document. We regard each customer on a case-to-case basis and do endeavour to be as flexible as possible.

 The Future

We will continue to create our products based upon our customers’ needs and with an eye to the future.

Because we understand that knowing our customers is key to providing exceptional customer service, we look at the structural problems our customers are facing so that we can develop products truly based upon their needs and their way of working.

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