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PayPugs Customer Experience: Human and Innovation

At PayPugs, an innovative payment solution, we place our customers in the center of everything we do. We believe that the customer is the most important part of our team. 

There are many ways in which we strive to keep our customers happy and feeling good. We make use of multiple communication channels and apply the right training to ensure that our customers are always satisfied with our service. 

As an online payment platform, technology is at our core. Through f it we help our customers say goodbye to branch visits and enjoy access to customer service at almost any time during the day. 

To provide the ultimate experience for our clients, we take all our customer service team members through our innovative, and human approach to servicing customers. 

How the customer service team is onboarded

When a new member is onboarded, they go through in depth training to ensure that the new member knows exactly how the team functions and what is expected of them. 

The newcomer training includes going through a detailed onboarding workflow process. They are trained to be able to work with all systems and to understand what the first to last step in the process is. 

Then they move on to learning about the different documentation that will be required from customers when they start to make use of the PayPugs payment platform. They are shown examples to know exactly what the documents should look like. 

Learning about how the internet bank and payment process works is also important. As the customer service team they should be able to explain to our customers why something went wrong and how it could possibly be fixed. 

The team is also given case studies to show how they can assist customers when they have problems or a query. This means that the PayPugs customer service team is given all of the right information to ensure that they can help customers to the best of their abilities. 

Customer Experience

How the team operates

To the PayPugs customer service team, it is important to communicate with customers on a daily basis through multiple communication channels.

The values of the team is to ensure that communication from their side is crystal clear. They value the power of communication and believe that if something is communicated well, it is easier to deal with it effectively.

They also believe that a positive attitude is important, as customers can ‘feel’ the energy of the customer service agent. They see it this way: start with negative energy and negative energy will be received, but start with positive energy and positive energy will be received. If we want our customers to have a positive experience, then we need to make it one.

On a daily basis, the team deals with the customer onboarding process. This means that they check application forms, gather and save documents in customer files, and explain document requests to customers who are going through the onboarding process.

As well as, dealing with any other customer questions or inquiries that customers might have that include things like technical problems, internet banking, or access to their profiles.

Other responsibilities include communicating with the AML (Anti Money Laundering) team. They send them the gathered documentation for onboarding customers.

They also deal with the payments department. They forward information about payments or beneficiaries to customers and explain if things like supporting documentation for a certain payment or beneficiary is needed, or if a payment request has been created incorrectly.

The technology the team uses

As an online bank, we are set on using technology to better the lives of our customers, and also make things easier for our team.

The team makes use of HubSpot to ensure that all email communication is in one place. This means that all of the communication from customers is accessible to the whole team, so no queries get lost in the mix.

Slack is an important communication platform that they use internally with other departments. This allows for quick communication and a faster route to solving problems with the help of other departments.

The team also makes use of a secure online filing system for saving documents, so that any team member can access the documentation should something happen. It also means that should a team member stay home, they can still assist the customer as they have access to the documents.

The customer directly benefits from the use of these platforms. As the HubSpot inbox is monitored daily, whenever there is a new email they see it and are able to reply to customers quicker. Same with Slack, since customer inquiries are communicated to the respective departments faster the issues are also fixed much quicker.

One thing we pride ourselves on PayPugs, is our ability to respond within one business day. A response rate we are looking forward to making even quicker. As a customer you will never be left in the dark. You will receive updates on a daily basis and we will help you through every step of the way.

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