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PayPugs: A Tailor-made Service Provider

Blog by Kristine Kjerulfa, Chief Operating Officer at PayPugs

Stepping into a new market or creating a startup puts you at a disadvantage as you do not necessarily have partners yet. Getting partners as a startup can also be difficult as you don’t always have the experience or funds that attract partners to you. 

It is therefore important to seek out a service provider that is willing to put your needs first and that has the growth of your business in mind. When your business is offered tailor made services that puts you first, you can strive and attract all the right investments and clientele. 

However, that service can be hard to find if you do not know exactly what you need or what you are looking for. 

tailor made service provider

PayPugs can help

When PayPugs was created, we had the customer at the center of our solutions. When your customers are at the center of what you do, creating solutions around that becomes fairly easy. 

Because of the nature of our business, the customer has to have personalised solutions to ensure that the experience is exceptional. The possibilities for personalised solutions are endless and PayPugs is aware of that. 

PayPugs offers to our customers the opportunity to personalise the currencies in which they trade. We do so without charging the large fees that banks do and without asking for separate documentation. 

We are also able to offer one customer, that is a registered business with PayPugs, the possibility of having multiple accounts under one business name. This creates flexibility for the company as they are able to better keep track of their spending. 

Company registration will no longer be a struggle for those who choose PayPugs as their partner. We are able to offer this service along with transaction monitoring for any transactions made to restrictive countries. 

If you are looking for a business partner and not just a financial solution, PayPugs is the option for you. We do not just offer bank accounts or cards to our customers, we offer white labeling and the opportunity to adopt us as your business partner, based on our portfolio of services that we offer. 

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You can test us out first

If you are in doubt about the services and customer solutions that PayPugs has to offer, we suggest that you first test some simple services that we offer to get an idea of who we are. This will give you enough knowledge of our customer experience and our multi-channel services. 

Once you are satisfied with our minor services, it will be simple to ask which requirements are needed to start the onboarding process for the other services that PayPugs has to offer. Doing it in this manner will give you peace of mind and assure you that we have our customers’ experience at heart. 

Considering our knowledge of the financial and Fintech market, there is no service that we can’t provide at this moment. Because of how flexible we are with tailoring our solutions, how diverse the market is and the endless variety of services it has to offer, making PayPugs your business partner will facilitate your multi-channel processes. 

Our business practices allows us to offer as much to our customers as possible, even if it means being an intermediary between our customer and another service provider or partner. To us, it matters what is best for the customer, even if PayPugs has to be the middleman. 

Because of the nature of PayPug’s services, our customers shouldn’t hesitate to reach out to us with their business ideas and their business necessities. Especially due to the processes that PayPugs is developing now, we might miss something crucial and necessary for our partners and clients. 

Therefore, PayPugs will be more than happy to assist if our customers can send us feedback and requests on services that we already offer or services they wish us to provide. 

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