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Meet the People Behind PayPugs – Madara Ermansone

Meet the People Behind PayPugs – Madara Ermansone

  • It is Monday morning. Are you enjoying the weather outside?

I prefer proper snowing during the wintertime. 

  • How do you usually prefer to start your morning/beginning of the week?

As now we have been working either from home or the office, I like to start the week by coming to the office and meeting everyone there. I feel that in that way I can start the week in a more productive way. Also, a cup of coffee obviously is a crucial helping tool on Monday or any other morning. 

  • Knowing that you were working remotely last week, what do you prefer-work from home or office?

I prefer to have a balance between work from home and office because both options provide their own benefits. Work from home gives you less opportunity to chat with your colleagues throughout the day, therefore a good balance between both options gives a good advantage, especially when it is cold outside. 

  • How are you planning to spend your Christmas holidays?

Christmas will be celebrated with my parents and my boyfriend. New Year’s Eve will be dedicated to a party with my friends. 

  • Tell me, what’s your favorite thing about PayPugs?

I like the team, everyone is very versatile and everyone has different cultural backgrounds and speaks different languages, as well as all coworkers, are very friendly and social.

  • And what do you enjoy most about your position, tell me about your path towards career choice where you are now? 

I think I am very good at communicating with people, hence the reason I am working in support. I think the fact that I have lived in England for around 7 years has given me the skills to be able to engage with all types of people as that is a place that brings together individuals from various cultures and nationalities. 

  • What led your journey to England? 

It was after finishing 9th grade in Latvia when I decided to grab that chance. It was a good opportunity since my sister and her husband were living there already, and it was a possibility to try something new and practice my English skills. I studied and worked there, and after some time decided that it is time to go home. 

  • Apart from England, do you enjoy travelling to other countries?

I enjoy travelling a lot, I have been around Europe in various countries, and to me, it would be now much exciting to explore South America because I have never been there. Additionally, I have been to the US, specifically Miami, as well Caribbean islands, which was a great journey. The most memorable place for me was Miami because it showed a completely different cultural perspective from Europe. That was also a place where I got a jet ski ride for free. I was on the beach, and I was just walking past the jet ski place and joked around that I will steal the jet ski because there were plenty of them in the water, I jumped on one, and the guy who was renting them out offered me a free ride. That’s how I saved around 200$ dollars. 😀

  • You mentioned travelling, is there something that you additionally enjoy doing in your leisure time? 

I really enjoy doing active things, such as going outside for walks in the woods or on the beach, as well as taking part in escape rooms. I haven’t been to the gym for a while, but I try to keep an active and healthy lifestyle. I don’t like sitting at home and only watching Netflix all the time. 

  • What’s your go-to productivity hack?

I try to get focused and push out all the things that give my attention. Usually, I have a list of tasks that I need to complete and I am checking it throughout the day. I tend to write things down so that I don’t forget them. 😀 

  • What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day?

After a long day at work, I like to get home, put on my kind of tracksuit type of clothes, make a couple of tea, get a blanket, and just chill out for an hour or so, maybe watch something for a little bit, turn off my mind from all the stuff going on in my life for a while and relax.

  • What skills would you like to learn in the future?

I have been interested in coding a little bit, but I am not sure how to approach it at first due to the many coding languages available. I find it very interesting that you can build something from scratch by using code. Another thing that is on my to-do list is to properly learn Russian. I know how to read and I understand when people speak, but since I lived in England I almost forgot Russian at all. Workwise that would be a good advantage when speaking to clients as well. 

  • Tell me about an interesting fact that most people don’t know about you?

I used to work as a promotional model while living in London and next year I will be visiting a Gaming Expo together with PayPugs that I used to work in a couple of years ago. Who would have guessed I would end up back there years later, now as an exhibitor instead of a showgirl. 

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