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PayPugs Team

Meet the People Behind PayPugs – Kristine Kjerulfa

Why did you decide to switch to the Startup world?

First of all, I would like to say that I have always been open to new opportunities and challenges. When you stay for a long time in a corporate world, you tend to gradually understand that many risky or interesting decisions cannot be made without complex steps in hierarchical approval. In a Startup environment, on the contrary, it is much easier to express your ideas and opinions and implement them first hand. Therefore, when I got the offer to become a part of something new in the rapidly evolving Fintech industry, I decided that now is the time for the next step, to direct all previously gained fundamental experience into the fresh Fintech solution.

Would you say that it was the best career decision that you made?

I came to the right place at the right time.

What is the most challenging, yet interesting part of working at Fintech Startup?

You are creating something new, and there is never a 100% guarantee that it will work out. And on top of that, even if you try acting from your best intentions, there are always regulators or circumstances that are above your capabilities. That’s why it’s very intimidating sometimes to push work and make the best of it, yet some circumstances cannot be changed. Moreover, we must adapt to rapidly changing situations and make the best possible outcome.

Kristine Kjerulfa

What would be your long-term goal in your career?

I don’t usually think about long-term goals, as it is quite complex to plan something ahead careerwise due to rapidly changing time and requirements, as well as in the course of time your interests may change too. Regarding the 5 year time scope at PayPugs, my management team and I would like to develop our Startup into something big, conquer the international market and make people aware of who we are.

Paypugs, sounds like a company of dog admirers. Do you have any pets yourself? 

I do, I have 2 dogs, fortunately, or unfortunately, they are not pugs, but they are as lovable and as cozy as pugs are. 

What Interests and hobbies do you have away from work?

I enjoy traveling, as it opens different perspectives to you and mostly I am fond of ‘’hands-on’’ traveling, meaning that I explore cities, culture, and nature of another land, trying to put myself in the local’s shoes., Such experience widens your cultural horizon and allows you to meet new people and explore their way of living and doing things.  Also, exploring new countries worldwide is a great opportunity to open your mind and allow you to take a rest by having another picture in front of your eyes.

Beforehand, I was lucky enough to permanently live in England, Malta, and Brasil, and I believe it also made a huge contribution to my approach to leading an international business. Thanks to the experience gained in different countries and cultures, I understand that sometimes struggles in day-to-day situations can be due to cultural, personality, and mentality differences. 

Apart from travelling, what else inspires you?

My team inspires big time – each person that comes to work with us has a unique personality and we invest our time, knowledge, and patience in every individual, in their personal development and growth. It is always inspiring to have young and ambitious professionals next to me. 


What is your most-used productivity hack?

I cannot focus for a very long time, so I like to take breaks. Having a glass of water once an hour and a short walk around the office keeps me sane and productive. Also, I keep a detailed agenda in my calendar, and this also includes my house chores and personal plans. As such, I don’t need to keep in mind a busy schedule and can fully dedicate myself to the daily/weekly tasks set at work.

Which skill/tool would you like to learn in the upcoming year?

I will definitely refresh my existing language skills. Due to COVID19, it was impossible to travel and use Spanish and Portuguese in practice. However, I understand the potential of the Latin American market and generally love both languages, so I cannot afford to lose those skills. In terms of completely new skills – I am interested in coaching. It is a very important skill when you are willing to be a supportive leader to your team.

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

For most of my life I considered myself a night owl, however, when I started working, I truly understood the value of silent and productive mornings.

Last but not least, which quote would you like to highlight to our readers?

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” – Michael Jordan

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