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Meet the People Behind PayPugs

Meet the People Behind PayPugs – Janis Martins Berzins

1. Let’s start with something topical, as it was Halloween last weekend: what was your best Halloween costume?

My dream costume was supposed to be a couple of years ago before the Covid-19 pandemics, and the inspiration was from an American Sitcom ‘’How I Met Your Mother’’ character Barney, where he dressed up as an Air Force representative.  

2. What is your role at PayPugs?

Officially, I am Payments Team lead, however, I have been called treasury and finance lead too, because these positions are very connected with each other.

3. How did you choose the finance path?

I started my journey from my previous work experience, where I was a payments specialist, and I really enjoyed the tasks I had to do daily. Through this experience, I understood that I enjoy solving issues related to payments, money, and maintaining communication with banks, and thanks to PayPugs I have now the opportunity to work directly with payments and different banks, facing and solving new and interesting challenges daily. Our team is expanding and is now 3 times bigger than it was half a year ago.

4. Who did you want to become when you were younger?

After 9th grade, I remember myself being focused on becoming a lawyer. I went to study at the Netherlands European Law, but I found out that for me personally, the process seemed to be very repetitive. We had different classes, but the one I enjoyed most was law history because it combined different topics and was quite interesting. Therefore, I decided to proceed with my career progression in another field.

5. What’s your favorite thing about your current role?

One of the most exciting things is making calculations about expected payments, and when in the end everything gets in balance. That’s a great feeling to see numbers being equal on one and another side.

6. What have you learned from a Startup environment and how does it differ from corporate?

First of all, there is no bureaucracy. If you want to make changes and improve processes, it is done much easier and faster in comparison to a large corporation. It means that every one of us can create a huge impact on our organization. Moreover, it means that many issues can be solved faster and more efficiently so that the customer gets desired outcome in a timely manner. Being in the finance sector, I am working closely with IT to build an internet bank, as well as marketing to discuss the design of flyers and much more. I really like that I can take part in so many areas and fields, and you are not limited to specific tasks only. 

Janis Martins Berzins

7. Let’s talk about non-work activities: What’s your favorite board game?

Originally my favourite board game is Catan, but I am trying with my friends also other ones, for example, currently, I enjoy a lot Ticket to Ride Europe Board Game. It is about building your travel roads- similarly as in Catan, but there are additional tasks while you are playing that you need to solve at the same time.

8. What else do you enjoy doing in your free time?

As many of my friends are living in another city or abroad, almost every Sunday we get on a call to watch Formula 1, that’s the way how we can have a great time together and have a chat on different topics. Additionally, we like to play together some video games, and the choice of it can vary, it can be some strategy game, GTA, or something else. Also, I enjoy playing with my sister’s dog whenever I can. 

9. Where do you look for inspiration, is it through some books, movies, or people?

One of the inspirations comes from sad movies. It helps you to notice the good things in your life and value them more. Also, when I see that I am being appreciated, it gives me additional inspiration, especially at work.

10. Last but not least, which movie would you suggest to watch every reader of the blog?

My favourite one is Seven Pounds. It shows us that life can be really tough sometimes, but at the same time you can do something good for others, look for a solution and find happiness within that. 

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