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Making Successful Payments With PayPugs

Despite the fact that online payments have been a part of our everyday lives for some time now,  setting up new outgoing payments can still be a daunting task. 

Making sure you are clear about the steps needed to successfully make an outgoing payment will help you feel more secure and confident in running your personal finances or business finances from an online platform.

Once you have registered as a PayPugs client, setting up payments with PayPugs for new recipients will be your next step.

It is natural to have questions such as “will they receive the money?”, “how will I know if they have received the money?” or “did I do this correctly?” and feel unsure about setting up outgoing payments for the first time.

Here are some general rules for outgoing payments to be kept in mind when making them with PayPugs to ensure that everything runs smoothly and putting you in charge of your finances. 

How to ensure that your payment is successful

To make sure that your payment is successful with PayPugs, we recommend double checking the recipient’s details when setting up a payment. 

If the information is completed incorrectly the payment will not arrive at its intended destination and the payment fees will not be  returned to the customer’s account.

The cost of the fees is dependent on which payment option was chosen, you can find the pricing list here.

It is of course important to check your balance before setting up any outgoing payments.

With PayPugs, if the requested outgoing amount that includes the payment fee exceeds your PayPugs account balance then the amount transferred will be equivalent to the maximum amount allowed by your balance.

Payments are issued within 12-hours

PayPugs processes and issues your outgoing payments within 12 hours (if we have all the necessary documentation we need ).

If you do not provide the documentation with the form, the payment will not be be processed until all of the documentation has been received.  When it is received, the payment will be processed within 24 hours.

The requirements are that you set up your payment requests before the cut-off time, which is 18:00 (GMT +3). If your payment form has been completed after this time, it will be reviewed and processed the following working day (from 10:00 (GMT+3).

How will I know if the payment has been successful?

PayPugs has a great way to know when the recipients have received their funds in the form of a Proof of Payment.

When a payment is made, you will always receive a Proof of Payment from PayPugs no matter which payment option was chosen.

Thanks to our cooperation with SWIFT, once your payment has been executed it will be traced using SWIFT GPI. So, you will have peace of mind knowing it has reached the recipient.

More payments, less stress with recurring payments

PayPugs offers easy payment solutions to your outgoing payments. It is possible to set up recurring payments for your peace of mind.

This is helpful as it does not require you to have the recipient’s details at hand each time you would like to make an outgoing payment to them.

PayPugs requires just one thing from you to ensure that the set-up of the recurring payments is successful. That is that recurring payments must be lower than the allowance and set limits for your account.

PayPugs also makes sure that your payment goes out on time as the system is scanned every five minutes, ensuring their success.

There are some general rules when it comes to making outgoing payments and if kept in mind your outgoing payments can be a breeze. If there are any questions, get in touch with your Onboarding Specialist and they will assist in ensuring that you make successful outgoing payments. 

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