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Become a PayPugs Introducer Now and Earn Commission

We know the common problems and frustrations that can go alongside launching a business – especially when it comes to finance. 

And this has been the driving force behind the creation of PayPugs®.

PayPugs® is a simple to use one-stop payment platform that allows you to manage all your payments from a single-access, highly intuitive platform. 

It’s a global financial solution that allows businesses or individuals to pay or get paid instantly regardless of location and currency. 

But we wanted it to be more than that…

Our customers are central to PayPugs® – they are our biggest cheerleaders. 

And as much as we want our members to refer others to us because they love our platform, we also want to make sure that they are rewarded for their efforts. 

That’s why we’ve created the PayPugs® Introducer programme. 

In this blog, we’re looking at what benefits you will reap as a PayPugs® Introducer referral, and how to become one. 

What does it mean to be a PayPugs® Referral Introducer?

We believe in rewarding our loyal and enthusiastic members, and so we’ve created an Introducer referral programme to incentivise you sharing our online banking solution. 

We want people to refer to us because they love the platform, and because they truly believe that it is a banking solution that suits their needs, and makes their life easier. 

However, we also know that getting a bonus for referring suitable members is an added extra, and so we wanted to incorporate that into the programme. 

The main benefits of becoming a PayPugs® Introducer referral programme are:

  1. 20% referral fee…

Once the person you refer is successfully registered, you get 20% of their payment as commission

  1. Instant delivery of your commission…

Your payment is credited to your PayPugs® account after your referral pays.

  1. Easy withdrawal of your commission…

You can withdraw your reward from the PayPugs® account at any time.

  1. Total transparency…

No hidden fees and no hidden faces. You can head to LinkedIn to see our team of professionals and say ‘hello’.

Our all-star team capitalizes on over 50 years of accumulated experience in financial services, banking, and payments. We’ve worked with some of the world’s top financial institutions, including MasterCard, VISA and PayPal.

How does the PayPugs® Referral Introducer Programme work?

Referral programmes are nothing new, but the PayPugs® agent referral programme is a two-level introducer system, giving you additional opportunities to earn commission. 

Step one, allow introducers to earn 20% in commissions on the initial onboarding fee of any customer that they refer. 

But what happens if that customer then goes on to register as an introducer? 

We then have an introducer referring another introducer who may then bring additional customers on board to PayPugs®.

We want to reward this, and that’s where our second-level referral programme comes in. 

Our second-level of the referral programme allows introducers to earn commission if they refer another introducer to the programme. When the referred introducer signs up their first customer, the original introducer gets an additional 5% of the new recruit’s first onboarding fee commission.

The referral payments will be credited to your PayPugs® account, at no cost to you. You can then use it to spoil yourself, a loved one or a four-legged, wet-nosed pug…whatever you want. 

An example of PayPugs® referral commission…

Struggling to understand how the two-tier system works/ 

Let’s look at an example of what a commission structure might look like for a PayPugs® introducer. 

Let’s say Jonathan opens a bank account with 2500 Euros. 

Jonathan was referred to PayPugs® by Samira, so she receives 625 Euros (20%) in commission. 

But that’s not the end of it. 

Jonathan likes the look of the referral programme. He would like to earn some money for recommending a payment platform that he loves. So he decides to become an Introducer too.  

Now imagine Jonathan goes on to refer Carl to PayPugs®. Carl also opens an account with 2500 Euros (which Jonathan will earn 20% commission on).

But, in addition to this, as Samira was ultimately responsible for both she will receive a 5% (125 Euros) referral bonus as a result of Carl joining.

This means introducers not only get a bonus for people they directly influence, but those that join as an indirect result of their referral (for one level down).

How to become a PayPugs® referral Introducer?

So, what’s the next step?

If you are interested in becoming a PayPugs® introducer then get in touch with your personal account manager. 

Learn more about becoming an introducer here

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