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Customer Feedback

How PayPugs Uses Customer Feedback to Improve Products and Services

As a client centric, financial service provider we are committed to ensuring that our clients are always happy. That is why we always ask for customer feedback throughout the onboarding process to ensure that we get accurate and fair feedback. We make use of that feedback to ensure that we have the best services, customer support system, and all of the features that our clients might need. 

It is especially important to us, because we service so many high-risk industries, we need to make sure that we deliver a pristine solution that fits the unique needs of each of our clients. The best way to do this is by making use of the feedback and integrating it into our system. 

How we collect feedback 

At PayPugs, we have a client centric approach to our processes. Through every step of a client’s interaction with us there is someone to help the client with the onboarding process, to ensure that all documentation is collected. 

We want to ensure that the customer experience is of the highest quality. So, we take the following steps to collect the feedback from our clients for honest and fair opinions. 


Throughout the onboarding process we have feedback surveys to collect data from our clients. After large steps in the process, an automated survey will pop-up for our clients to participate in. 

This means that all our clients have equal opportunity to submit their sincere and honest opinion around their experience to PayPugs. We have designed these surveys because we want true and honest feedback to improve our services and your future experience with us.

Onboarding specialists

Another way we collect data from our clients is through our onboarding process. We have onboarding specialists that take each new client through every step of the process. They are the direct line of contact that we have with our clients.

Therefore, our onboarding specialists are able to ask for feedback from our clients so that we can identify where we need to make improvements and how to better tailor our services to meet their needs.

Feedback is also collected from those who decide not to onboard with PayPugs. This is also valuable information that we consider when analysing our feedback reports. This opportunity allows us to collect their feedback even if they do not convert to being PayPugs clients. Usually we collect this feedback through phone calls or email conversations.

This gives a clear indication of where our services need to improve, and gives us insights as to how we can build on our products and features for the future.

How we use the feedback

The data we collect from feedback has an important role at PayPugs. This data allows us to update and improve our services and products. We don’t just look at the data, we study it thoroughly to ensure that we get the full scope of what our clients need.

Here is an example of how we used client feedback:

We are a digital financial services provider, so it would make sense that we have virtual cards. But, in the beginning of this year, 2021, we still did not offer virtual cards. But, we listened to our clients and finally have made their dreams a reality.

PayPugs now offers virtual cards that are modern, reliable, and convenient. The technology was developed by Wallester, and PayPugs have partnered with them to ensure a trustworthy solution for our clients.

This is just one example of how we have listened to the feedback of our clients.

But, how do we relay the message of new and improved solutions to our clients? Well, PayPugs has many ways in which we can relay messages to our clients. One way we found the most effective is by sending newsletters to our clients with the latest news. We also post new and improved solutions on our social media pages, and send direct messages to our current clients.

PayPugs offers many customisable solutions for individuals and businesses. To find out how to open an account or to start the onboarding process, book a call with one of our specialists. Follow up on all social media platforms to always be in the loop, and subscribe to our newsletter.

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