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How PayPugs Can Help your Global Business

In uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to be innovative, looking at the ways you can grow your business. Maybe you are considering working with overseas suppliers but don’t feel confident of having the digital finance knowledge to expand into this market?

PayPugs has had an eye on the digital finance market for a while, seeking infrastructure solutions on a global scale to serve fintech companies. The opportunity for businesses and governments to transact across the world in a secure environment, making money matters the least of their problems, has been a game-changer.

Their vision is the creation of a business community of earned trust all over the world by removing uncertainty and barriers to doing business. PayPugs endeavours to take financial matters to a new level of doing business, operating on the four pillars of Trust, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Equity.

You may have already started to research the possibilities of working with Asian suppliers but have found that traditional banks are unable to help? PayPugs offer high-risk digital processing through their agents who are highly skilled at due diligence. They cover Forex, Gambling and Crypto industries in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, and India which could open new possibilities for your business.

They strongly believe in transparency; having simple, clear, and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, and payments which are totally secure. PayPugs will help set up your business with a personal call. They pride themselves on the need to fully understand your business, who is responsible for what in your business and exactly which of their services you require. Their aim is giving you the support that puts  you in control of the costs, risks, and the complexities of doing global business.

And as far as PayPugs are concerned, you’ll no longer be working in a faceless list of categories and risks.

It is always necessary to be flexible in business. As PayPugs are an authorised Money Service Business, MSB in the US and are legally licensed to send and convert FIAT currencies, this will give your business the flexibility to exchange your Crypto, digital trading currencies to FIAT currencies: USD, EUR, USD, as and when required. Your business will always have proof of payment whichever transaction option you use. 

We all need our business processes to be less complicated and time-consuming. With this in mind, PayPugs offer prepaid Visa and Mastercard in EUR, USD and GBP which are managed by their platform. You can even choose the design! All you need to do is top them up and your business has a fast and convenient way to make payments.

Join the collaboration platform designed with collaborators, freelancers, start-ups, organisers, project managers and business owners in mind.

5 Ways to Gain New Leads

5 Ways to Gain New Leads

While the common lead generation tactics like paid advertising on Facebook, cold emailing, or cold calling companies found on the internet are effective when done right, it is important to diversify your lead generation efforts.

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