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4 behind the scenes of working at PayPugs

4 Behind-the-Scenes Secrets of Working at PayPugs

Every workplace has its values, traditions, and secrets. It is important to have these things in order to maintain employee satisfaction, efficiency, and most importantly, to keep the working environment interesting. 

We at Paypugs want to share some of our behind-the-scenes secrets of what it is like to work here.

Everyone is a decision-maker

Like in any startup, many of the workflows have yet to be created. This allows people to learn new things and challenge themselves. We also trust people to stand on their own two feet and take responsibility for their ideas. 

Every newcomer is excited about being able to implement new ideas without having to climb the hierarchy ladder. 

Moreover, many of us wear different hats in the workplace. For example, our sales team leader Mo has been active and engaged in helping the HR and marketing team.

Every person’s input is valued and appreciated as it helps to view things differently –  and maybe even improve on an initial concept.

Management don’t hide away in offices

As our office is open plan everyone sits together, including the management team. There is no strict hierarchy. Everyone can approach anyone if they need.

Even though management is busy and it feels that they might not have time to answer questions, the opposite is in fact true. Our Chairman of BoardCEOCOO, and others in managerial positions are extremely responsive and questions might get answered right away.


No such thing as a silly question

As the fintech space is seen as quite new,  most newcomers have little to no experience in the industry. Usually, they are unfamiliar with what we are, what we do, and what we have to offer. 

Every person in the office has gone through the process of understanding the industry and what is being done here. It is a lengthy process and new things are learned even months to years after. 

By understanding that everyone is quite new to the industry, the team is always willing to answer questions. Even if the questions are asked more than once or the answers might seem simple, we understand that it is not an easy and quick process to learn the banking industry.

Learning about the banking industry might sound like a serious and painful process, but it is not. We try to make it as simple as we can with a sprinkle of fun in it. What we do at PayPugs is suggest to new employees to watch the movie Big Short, and we also have a Slack channel called #live-ask-learn.

Everyone is different here

PayPugs is an inclusive workplace that welcomes anyone to join the team. Our team consists of people from different cultures and nationalities. We have people from places like Latvia, Russia, Netherlands, UK, and Uzbekistan. 

Also, among those working at PayPugs, there are people with football backgrounds, DJs, clothing designers, as well as engineers, and financial services experts.

One thing that everyone at PayPugs enjoys, is the engagement and chat on Slack. For example, when a new team member joins the chat quickly becomes a fun and quirky human interaction, often filled with emojis.

At PayPugs we believe that our employees are important. That is why we take great care of teaching them about the sector so that they can be well versed in the topic. 

By doing this we create a team that is united and will work towards a common goal – giving the best customer experience. 

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