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5 Ways to Gain New Leads

5 Ways to Gain New Leads

Whether you are a small startup or a big corporation that is doing business globally, lead generation is a vital process to any sales funnel. Lead generation is a process that builds visibility, integrity, trust, and interest from a specific group of individuals or businesses. So by focusing on lead generation, it can help drive traffic from high-quality prospects. Of course, and with high-quality prospects comes high-value customers.

While the common lead generation tactics like paid advertising on Facebook, cold emailing, or cold calling companies found on the internet are effective when done right, it is important to diversify your lead generation efforts across multiple channels because if one of your few lead generation channels suddenly collapses, it could leave a huge burden on your business. 

Thus, today we wish to share with you five strategies to implement for effective lead generation.

1. Search Engine Optimization

It is often seen that websites are treated as one-time deals. Meaning that you create it and forget it. However, there is a lot you are missing out on by not optimizing your website. Search engine optimization is vital because with the right strategy you can ensure higher rankings and consistent organic traffic that can save you a lot of time cold calling people. 

There are a lot of things that can be optimized. For example, content that is SEO focused, UX design, user experience and journey, backlinking, and much more. It is important to note also that SEO is something that has to be monitored and optimized constantly because your website can become outdated after time.

2. Referrals

Word of mouth is referred to as one of the most prestigious marketing strategies out there. What can be better than receiving recommendations, reviews, and comments about a product or service from someone you trust like closest friends, family, or colleagues.

A similar strategy can be implemented in your business by creating a referral program. They work quite simply. Imagine you have a client who is well known in the industry and can refer to you new clients. By establishing a referral program you can receive healthy leads while also rewarding and establishing deeper relationships with the individuals or businesses who referred you to new clients.

3. Old Fashioned Networking

The pandemic has exhausted a lot of people through virtual meetings. Now when the economies are opening up and networking dinners and expos are restarting, it is a great way to meet new people face-to-face. Face-to-face networking provides you with a real connection that is proven to be more effective than digital networking. Moreover, these events are also great opportunities to meet your existing clients and establish deeper connections. 

4. Former Clients and Lost Leads

Just because you lost a deal doesn’t mean you cease all contact. Many times a deal or lead is lost because of the timing. Perhaps the product or service wasn’t yet fitting or the financial situation didn’t make sense for the deal to happen. It is important to understand that these individuals or businesses are your potential clients for the future. Most importantly, they are already aware of you and your business. Reconnecting or remarketing to these individuals or businesses your company news or product updates could lead to contact being reestablished and perhaps a new deal being signed. Even if you don’t have the capacity of performing remarketing campaigns, then a simple check-in call will do the trick.

5. Encourage Clients to Leave Reviews

People today trust the word of their peers and use their stories and referrals to determine their own buying decisions. Reviews are something that should be collected from day one. You may think that your website holds all the necessary information for a buying decision but something that could hook the potential lead is genuine client reviews or testimonials. So rather than relying on PPC search and social ads, feel free to ask customers to leave reviews, and don’t worry about negative reviews as those are the ones that will show your space for improvements.

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