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5 tips for working at home

5 Tips for Working From Home

Working from home has become the new normal since the pandemic. Many companies now offer their employees the opportunity to completely switch to remote work or just work from home for 1 or 2 days per week. Even though many businesses were forced to adapt to this working environment, it might bring better results. For example, many studies have found that working from home can increase performance and productivity by as much as 13%.

There is a saying “Don’t bring work home”. Bringing work home means that other family members as well as yourself have to endure the stress and tensions that arise from work. Now, when working from home is forced for some, there are pitfalls that need to be avoided if you, your family, and your employer are to get the most out of homeworking.

Establish a dedicated workspace

Having an undisturbed workspace is essential to have in place so that you can get things done. For some people who work from home, distractions come from unfinished household duties, children, and more. If you can, we suggest allocating an area of your home or apartment that is solely dedicated to working. It is important to note that this space should not be shared with your living partners. It really should be yours alone so that you can access it whenever you wish and need. Try not to use your bedroom, as this part of your home is usually too relaxing and comfortable. Find yourself a comfortable and quiet spot with as few distractions as possible.

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Set a routine (Set regular working hours – and stick to them)

Just like a normal day in an office environment, you should set yourself a routine that starts from when you get up, when you ‘arrive’ at or begin your daily work, and so on. A similar routine needs to be established when working from home. Set and manage your hours when you are working (if your employer has not stipulated a strict 9 to 5). Planning your working time is key to balancing your work-home lifestyle. By planning your time, you should afford yourself time for leisure and home duties so that you don’t find yourself working all hours of the day.

Get up and move

When working in the office, you were perhaps unintentionally doing exercises by walking to work and breathing in the fresh air. Now, when your office is a few steps away from your bed, you need to be intentional about making time for stretching, keeping an eye on your posture, and going outside for mini-breaks to clear your mind. This can go a long way to keeping you motivated. As any work from home professional will tell you that losing motivation does happen from time to time. You might also want to try switching up your workspace to a different room or even the garden. If you’re an avid fridge visitor, you can try guarding against snacking by having a set daily lunch break and consuming only healthy meals. Relying on delivery apps can be a downward spiral to an unhealthy eating routine.

Recognize distractions

Working at home will usually provide more distractions than an office environment. Distractions may come from dirty dishes, kids, phone calls, neighbors, etc. These things are frustrating and can seemingly disrupt and ruin your plans for the day. Recognizing any repeating distractions is important so that you can take the time to either solve the distraction from ever happening again or find a productive way to regroup and get back to work.

Stay connected

It may seem that working from home isn’t lonely because you might have your family around. However, your usual bubbly and funny colleagues from the office have disappeared. These face-to-face interactions are not only important to build relationships but are also good for your mental health. To avoid feeling disconnected and bored, schedule online meetings with your colleagues even to discuss non-work-related things. Or when restrictions allow, go for coffee meetings and lunch dates outside of your home. This can be a great way to meet with people and enjoy that much-needed social interaction.

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