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Fake Text Messages and Calls: How to Stay Safe

Fake Text Messages and Calls: How to Stay Safe

Being an online bank comes with many advantages, but some disadvantages we face is that scammers and fraudsters pretend to be us. These fraudsters approach clients and ask them for personal information over text or a call. 

Please note that PayPugs will never ask you for your personal information over the phone or a text message. If you get a call or message from someone pretending to be us, please inform your PayPugs onboarding specialist immediately. 

Things to look out for

Fraudsters can imitate a phone number, make a text look like it’s from a genuine company, or the message may even appear in a chain of real texts.

Scammers may have obtained personal and contact information, which could have been gathered by phishing attempts.

PayPugs will never:

  • Request to make or approve payments over the phone, or request that you read out your online payment code, banking details, or any other personal information.
  • Call and ask to move money out of your account.
  • Ask you to read out your card number, or CVV digits over the phone.
  • Ask you to verify direct debit details.
  • Ask you to provide us with your login details. 
  • Ask you to provide personal information, such as a PIN
  • Ask you to click on a link
  • State that suspicious activity has been detected on your account

How to stay safe

It is difficult to identify fraudulent activities, and therefore it is best to try and keep as safe as possible. Here are some ways to stay safe. 

When you receive a suspicious call:

  • If you suspect that a call is fake, immediately hang up the phone and report the number to your PayPugs onboarding specialist. 
  • Don’t call the number back, instead send us an email requesting a call.
  • Do not provide them with any personal information. (Remember that PayPugs will never ask for your personal information on a phone call)

When you receive a suspicious text or email: 

  • Don’t click on any links. 
  • Do not reply to the text with any of your personal information. 
  • Send a screenshot of the text to us via email. 

PayPugs will always:

  • If we need to call you, we will book a call via email to ensure that both parties are aware of the call. 
  • At the beginning of a call, we will ask you security questions, but we will never ask for your pin, card number, or bank account number.
  • Send an email from the same email address. 

We, as a financial institution and service provider, need to ensure that only the best security measurements are in place. This keeps our clients safe from fraudsters and scammers, ensuring that their personal information and finances are protected and secure. 

Being a PayPugs client means that you will always have direct contact with us. It ensures transparency in communication and keeps you informed and safe. 

If you suspect any fraudulent activities, be sure to report it so that we at PayPugs can ensure that all of our clients are safe. If you would like to find out more about this, book a call with us. 

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