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Employees Trust Leaders Who Follow these 5 Habits

Trust is a sensitive emotion. The quote “it takes years to build trust, seconds to break it, and forever to repair it” reigns true for a reason. As a leader, you want your employees to trust you. Trust is not just dependent on one person, but as a leader you can make sure to show to your team members that you can be trusted. 

A team that functions with trust, just performs so much better. In November 2015, the Google HR team created a study to research what makes for a successful team. They asked five questions and the outcome was that it doesn’t matter who is on a team, it was dependent on how the team members interacted with one another. Google’s study found that the number one aspect of a good team was psychological safety that ensured interaction without feeling shot down or embarrased.

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When a team leader takes the first steps to ensure that a team works well together, they will be even more trusted. Afterall, the success of their careers and the company lies in your hands, and as a leader you need to show that you are worth trusting. There are daily habits that a leader should implement to gain the trust of their employees. 

  1. Respect others

Respect can be shown in a myriad of ways. According to Indeed, respect in the workplace can be identified as “feeling of regarding someone well for their qualities or traits, but respect can also be the action of treating people with appreciation and dignity.”

Unfortunately, respect has to be given in order to be received. And to respect others – no matter their age, occupation or status – should be an integral part of society. However, it is not always the case. When a leader ensures that their respect for others shows, there is no doubt that their employees will trust them. 

Here is a checklist that you can use to make sure that you show respect in your daily life:

  • Listen to what they have to say. 
  • Regard their opinion as important by implementing it. 
  • Make sure that your tone and intentions come across as respectful. 
  • Make everyone feel like part of the team. 
  • Make sure that you praise more than you criticise.

  1. Stay organised

When a leader is organised it creates a sense of responsibility and that they are able to take the business and its teams to the next level. Being organised does not just mean that your station should be clean. 

It means that you should have things under control. You should know who is in your team, what they bring to the team, the projects that they are working on, and the types of skills they have. It also means that as a leader you should plan ahead and try to prevent any last minute tasks. 

Here are some ways that you can stay organised: 

  • Have a clear list of your team’s skills.
  • Set out goals with your team to achieve—long- and short term.  
  • Have checklists for each task. 
  • Set out clear briefs to ensure that work runs smoothly. 
  • Set out weekly status meetings. 

  1. Have set goals

If you are able to have clear goals for yourself and your team, it will ensure that you have something to work towards. However, just setting up goals is not going to gain you the trust that you desire. 

The habit that you need to follow is to ensure that the goals are clear, realistic and that it will bring future success. Therefore, when setting up goals it is important to keep each of your team members in mind. To gain their trust, complete your goals on time to show that you are dedicated to the success of the team. 

Here is a checklist to keep in mind when setting up goals: 

  • Make sure that the goal is realistic. 
  • Ensure that each team member is involved. 
  • Utilise all of the skill sets within the team.
  • Reach your goals on time to show dedication. 
  •  Be a team player. 

  1. Praise work well-done

When a team member rises above their abilities and shows true hard work, it should be praised. A good leader will make the effort to show that their work did not go unnoticed. Apart from praising work well-done, a leader should set up the opportunity for their team to showcase their skills. 

Incorporating a ‘team member’ of the month, a ‘project hero’ or ‘most improved team member’ award, will improve your team member’s motivation 10-fold and ensure that they have healthy competition for those titles. It also shows them that you see the hard work that they are putting into their projects.

A checklist will help you make sure that you praise your team members:

  • Give mostly positive feedback on completed work. 
  • Establish a title that can be won by team members. 
  • Praise their new ideas. 
  • Give praise to any positive changes that were made. 
  • Notice your unsung heroes.
  1. Prioritise growth

When a leader prioritises growth, it shows to the team members that they mean business. Growth is important, not just for the leader or for the company, but for the employees too. When the future of your employees are at the front of your mind, your team members will trust you. 

Therefore, when making the prioritisation of growth one of your habits, you will achieve greatness with your team, purely because of the amount of trust it will build. Growth does not mean the expansion of your team, it means the improvement of skill sets and relationships. Keep that in mind to ensure that your team members trust you. 

Here is a checklist of things to remember when prioritising growth: 

  • Allow team members to up skill. 
  • Show the achievements made by the team. 
  • Compare each year’s growth. 
  • Dictate your will to succeed and grow.
  • Have team building sessions to improve the team’s relationship. 

In short, a leader that is respectful, organised and focused, will gain the trust of their team members. This trust will go a long way as it will form the foundation of the relationship that the team will share. Therefore, it is important to make sure that these five habits form part of your daily life so that your team members can trust you as a leader.

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