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At PayPugs we are not only dedicated to providing you with the best digital banking and payment solutions but also giving you the business and industry information to enhance your operations.

How PayPugs can Overcome your Financial Challenges as an Expat


Blog by Kristine Kjerulfa, Chief Operating Officer at PayPugs Expats face many challenges when moving to new countries. They often leave their families and support systems behind, so they have to forge new connections and friendships. The culture shock can often be extremely severe as well. But beyond the psychological and emotional struggles expats have […]

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Financial Management Improvement Tips for Small Businesses

financial management

The words “financial management” alone can cause tension for many small business owners. It’s often viewed as time-consuming and complicated. Unfortunately, this usually means it’s neglected, too.  Many entrepreneurs and SME’s (small to medium enterprises) keep their focus solely on profit and growth. But financial management involves far more than this. Financial management of your […]

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Client Solutions as a Financial Intermediary


Blog by Alex Zelinsky, Chairman at Velvet Platform and PayPugs PayPugs is an international company with a multilingual team. We understand that as a financial intermediary you are always looking for flexible and bespoke solutions to suit your client’s individual needs. And that’s why we have set up our White Label solution.    What is PayPugs […]

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Can Your Business Survive Tough Times?


The COVID-19 pandemic has put millions of companies worldwide in fear of being forced out of business.  The crisis has hit small businesses and their workers particularly hard with lockdowns, supply problems, loss of customers and technology lags underscoring the areas that need addressing. Your company needs motivation and drive to survive these tough times […]

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How is the gig economy changing banking?

gig economy

It’s no secret that Covid-19 has accelerated change in the way we work and do business. As millions of people around the world are left unemployed,  new work opportunities are being explored, such as contract work and freelancing (AKA gig work) – especially in highly specialised fields.  Back in 2018, it was estimated that about […]

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