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Earn Money and Be Your Own Boss with the Introducer Offering of PayPugs


The PayPugs introducer programme is here to help you earn money by introducing PayPugs to your acquaintances. It puts you in control of your earnings and makes you your own boss. When you are able to earn cash immediately, without any hidden fees, why would you hesitate to join the programme? There are a myriad […]

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What PayPugs Can Offer To The Eastern European Market?

eastern european market

Blog Post by Emils Kragis, Business Development Officer at PayPugs. While Eastern European countries have seen more than a 100% increase in the adoption of digital banking and use of cards,  the numbers here are still relatively low compared to Western European countries like Netherlands and Germany.  The Eastern European market is emerging rapidly in […]

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Making Successful Payments With PayPugs

customer support

Despite the fact that online payments have been a part of our everyday lives for some time now,  setting up new outgoing payments can still be a daunting task.  Making sure you are clear about the steps needed to successfully make an outgoing payment will help you feel more secure and confident in running your […]

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Take your startup to the next level with PayPugs


A blog post by Jelena Shpolanska – Chief Management Officer at PayPugs Retail banks sometimes present themselves as being at the cutting edge of innovation in terms of technology, product offering and customer service. Sadly, the truth is that they’re often very impersonal, bureaucratic and leave you with a lot of red tape to deal […]

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Better, Faster and Smarter Banking for Logistics Companies


A blog post by Deniss Bogdanovs – Business Development Officer at PayPugs Thanks to globalisation we’re able to source and import goods from across the world, meaning we have more variety to choose from, better and/or cheaper solutions, exposure to products that we would never have otherwise, and access to larger markets. As a result, […]

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