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Banking – one size fits no one

Changing banks and changing habits just seems like a lot of work and hassle,but today’s digital world demands that we re-evaluate everything, including our banking habits and institutions to ask, “Am I really getting the best service for my business, that understands and works the way my business works, not a one-size-fits-all approach? 

Businesses like yours which are leading in the new economy need tailored banking offerings that fit their demands and grow with them. 

A solution rooted in the digital age that understands that financial services are not locked into one city or state but need an international spread of expertise that fits into the modern dynamic of business. A banking system that understands risk and how to manage it, even when dealing with medium-risk opportunities.

A personal touch

The personal touch is too often swept aside for a robotic approach to finance but, faced with new financial waters, most entrepreneurs still want to know that there is a team prepared to resolve queries and even advise on the new possibilities that are opening up, such as PayPugs’ approach: Banking as a Service (BaaS).

The equivalent of plug-and-play programs in the banking world, BaaS is getting hot in the US and UK, Our end-to-end model allows digital banks and other third parties to connect with banking systems directly, via application programming interfaces (APIs). 

The benefit for our customers is that they receive the best of both worlds: the convenience of financial services through an on-demand digital platform and the depth and robustness that come from dealing with licensed, regulated banking institutions.

A digital banking solution has a cost advantage when compared to a bank physically present on your territory, but you must consider which services are included in these costs. 

Transparency is paramount

We believe that transparency is paramount when operating online and is part of the trust that underlies good financial enterprises. Our costs are clearly stated up front so our customers can calculate these costs into their financial dealings.

We want our customers to do business in the new economy on a basis of earned trust, which enables them to do business without borders and make decisions based on choice and behaviour. 

This includes the use of cryptocurrencies, card transactions, international transfers, made easy through our team’s assistance in common issues such as meeting countries’ money-laundering (AML) rules and providing the necessary customer knowledge (KYC), without expecting them to manage these complex requirements.

Key to today’s new online culture is the idea of referring friends to worthwhile digital opportunities. We have acknowledged how influential this kind of thinking is and how important it is to the digital generation. 

Our introducer system

We offer an introducer system that allows our clients to benefit from timely commissions on all referrals. This commission is paid straight into the customer’s account, and can be withdrawn at any time, adding to their financial independence.

There is no one solution that fits all; it is dependent on your country, your culture, your business parameters and your traditional use of payments.

In the end, we are all moving in the same direction, towards a straightforward method of managing business in a complex financial world that is increasingly digitising. 

From our perspective, that direction is the one where we provide the best service possible to our clients and continue to innovate, integrating ease of business and international knowhow into our core processes and behaviour.

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