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Banking Made Easy for Medium To High-risk Gaming Businesses

By Karlis Balodis, Business Development officer at PayPugs

PayPugs is an international company with a multi- lingual team. We understand the frustrations of doing business outside your own country and dealing with retail banks.

We know that retail banks classify certain businesses, such as gaming, as high-risk just because they hold a license in a certain country or countries, and they may be unwilling to open an account for them. 

Both Google and Facebook can block the cards of casino affiliates to prevent them from advertising and individuals whose main source of income is from gaming may find it difficult to get a loan from a regular bank.

How our services can help the medium to high-risk gaming sector

With the appropriate licences and proof that your business is legal, we can offer you a bank account and e-wallet with IBAN and make sure that you are able to take full advantage of all our services which are relevant to your industry, for example prepaid cards.

A prepaid card has a top up option so you can use it up to your available balance. We can issue up to ten cards, with different numbers, providing your account balance covers the related fees. We aim to always keep your business up and running.  So, if for example, you are a casino affiliate and your card gets blocked by Google or Facebook, you’ll be able to create a new advertising account using a new PayPugs prepaid card. And the original card can still be used for other purchases. 

We can save you time by making secure digital payments. You’ll no longer have to search for invoices in your office to make sure that they are paid on time and you’ll have all your invoices in one place.

We also provide online tracking; our automated system will send your clients confirmation together with the payment dates. And you can set up regular payments too, so that your staff can automatically be paid.

If your source of income comes from gaming, you may find that a PayPugs account is more suitable for you than an account at a regular bank.  We have after all products developed with gaming in mind.

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Transparency and Bespoke Pricing

Our pricing is bespoke and reached in agreement with you as a client by considering the real risks presented  and the most important things about your business. We charge a one time payment for account opening, no monthly fee, and there’s no hidden agenda.

Personalised customer service

We really like to get to know you and your business personally, and we understand 21st century business needs. As a result, we can get you up and running quickly. We’ve helped hundreds of businesses to open accounts, whilst staying compliant.

Currently, with Covid 19, many retail bank customers are experiencing difficulties as they are still required to come into the bank, by appointment, to personally sign papers, make changes to their account etc. They may not be able to get to the bank if they are vulnerable for example or live in a different country with travel restrictions. 

The retail banks are often just not able to provide the flexibility their customers currently need. In contrast, we conduct all our business via telephone and post eliminating these problems.

We are much more than just an internet bank.

We can help you with a wide range of services from opening accounts on many continents to implementing a payment system.

And, because we’ll provide you with personal communication and customer care it means you won’t have to explain your situation to a new person each time. To find out more about setting up a PayPugs account, arrange a call with one of our Business Development Officers.

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